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          1. IPPR

            Vinalines Logistics Visited IPPR Engineering for Cooperation

            By LXS   2012/4/9


            On April 6th, Mr. Mei Le Loi the General Director of Vinalines Logistics JSC visited IPPR Engineering discussion potential cooperation between the two companies. Mr. Jiang Shengyuan the Vice General Manager welcomed Mr. Mei Le Loi etc. and attended the meeting.

            On the meeting, Mr. Jiang Shengyuan made a basic introduction of the company to Mr. Mei Le Loi, including advantages and achievements of IPPR in health care buildings, airport logistics, energy resources etc. as well as its strength and experience in international engineering and trade areas. Mr. Mei Le Loi expressed that there were many aspects that Vinalines Logistics JSC and IPPR Engineering could learn from each other, and there was great potential for the two companies to cooperate. On learning that IPPR Engineering’s technological advantages and achievements in waste heat recovery power plant in cement plant and in DRI (directly reduced iron) field, Mr. Mei Le Loi expressed interest in constructing the projects in Vietnam with participation of IPPR. The two parties also exchanged opinions on cooperation in exporting construction materials from China to Vietnam and other issues.

            Vinalines Logistics JSC is the subsidiary company of Vietnam National Shipping Lines, and it mainly engages in porting and shipping business. The company has advantages in multi-modal transportation and bonded warehouse business; it also extends business in financial investment and real estate areas. IPPR Engineering will explore actively cooperation areas and modes with Vinalines Logistics JSC, and strive to create more value for the company.



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