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          1. IPPR

            Project Contracting

            With its strong engineering background, R&D capabilities and rich experience in project management etc. as well as a high-quality and committed team consisting of experts and management staff, IPPR Engineering has unique advantages and competitive edge in undertaking project contracting business. Up to now, the company has executed various projects on EPC and professional contracting basis to the satisfaction of clients.

            Contracting services of IPPR Engineering involve buildings like office/home/hotel/warehouse, plants, municipal facilities, energy facilities and so on. IPPR Engineering can integrate its advantages in consultation, design, procurement, construction, commissioning and management and provide to clients one-stop services with maximized performance and economic value. Throughout the whole process, IPPR Engineering works in close relationships with clients as well as the municipalities to create sustainable projects that are profitable to build, operate and maintain.

            The company also attaches great importance to environmental friendliness during various links of its work with a view to energy conservation and carbon reduction. The experience, knowledge and skills IPPR Engineering applies to each project remains after the transfer of the project. In every aspect of our work, we take great care to protect the environment as well as benefit people, companies and communities.

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