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          1. IPPR

            IPPR Engineering International Corporation

            Established in 1993, IPPR Engineering International Corp. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) is an independent legal entity wholly owned by China IPPR International Engineering Corporation. It is a large state-owned management company with the comprehensive qualification for engineering supervision approved and authorized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the qualification for supervision of information system engineering approved and certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the qualification for overseas project contracting approved by the Ministry of Commerce, as well as the qualification for independent import-export trading. The business scope of the company covers engineering supervision, engineering project management, engineering consultation, engineering contracting, information engineering, international engineering and trading business.

            The company has over 300 employees undertaking project management and technical works, among whom there are 62 holding senior professional titles (including researcher senior engineers and experts receiving national government allowances) and 126 holding medium-grade professional titles. There are 16 employees with doctorate and master degrees in engineering management and 18 with master degree in project management; 1 certified as British Chartered Builder, 1 Hong Kong Building Surveyor, 1 national master project supervisor, and 172 person-times of certified engineers of various fields.

            Ever since its establishment, the company has undertaken and completed almost 700 large and medium-scale supervision (management) projects with a total floorage area of 26,000,000 m2, a total construction and installation cost of nearly CNY 65 billion, and a total contractual value approaching CNY 1,600 million. The major services include construction engineering, municipal and public engineering, M&E installation engineering, communication engineering, electric power engineering, civil airports engineering, agricultural and forestry engineering etc. Nearly 100 projects have been awarded with National Luban Prize, High Quality Project Prize and Provincial (Ministerial) Project Prize.

            The company has been successively honored for over 30 times as National Advanced Engineering Construction Supervision Entity, Beijing Excellent Supervision Entity in Construction Supervision, and Advanced Engineering Supervision Entity in the National Mechanical Industry respectively by China Association of Engineering Consultants, Beijing Construction Project Management Association and CAEC Mechanical Branch. The company has also been awarded as Beijing Advanced Entity in Safe Production Monitoring and Management, Advanced Entity in Earthquake Relief Effort in Construction Supervision Industry, Entity with Contribution to the Engineering Subject Research, and Entity of Quality and Trustworthy Services. The Central Enterprises Working Committee of Communist Youth League of China conferred the title of “Youth Civilization Unit” to the company. On the summary and commendation conference for the 20th anniversary of the innovative development of China’s construction supervision industry, the company was awarded by China Association of Engineering Consultants as Advanced Engineering Supervision Enterprise during 20 Years’ Innovative Development of China’s Construction Supervision Industry.

            The management guideline of the company is “Scientific Management, Health & Safety, Pollution Prevention and Continuous Improvement”. The company has continuously maintained certified qualification in quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system.

            The company has independently developed the professional software of Supervision Know-How and Project Management Master. The company has the major testing devices and equipment for the construction process. The company attaches great importance to the cultivation of corporate culture, building harmonious teamwork and making itself an enterprise featured with persistent studying and progressing. The company has been making great endeavors to build the brand of “IPPR International”.

            IPPR International will, based on the service philosophy of “Integrity, Efficiency, Win-win and Development”, provide to clients excellent supervision (management) services.

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